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My work is to help companies make their products or services known and respected. Big, or small, new or old, your company’s brand will be what others think of you, see in you or learn about you. That is why Design is a great ally in support of your goals. If you want to learn more about how I can help you, send me a message with your information.



…The LNC turned once again to Dyango Chavez, a talented freelance print and web designer based out of Boston, for his expertise in the area of graphic marketing to the Latino community. Dyango, who hails from Cuba redesigned the Camino Mágico booklet for the LNC. His amazing design and grasp of illustrative communication made the new Camino Mágico brim with more culturally relevant and gorgeous food illustrations. The LNC team decided to ask Dyango to translate that particular look to the new website as well.

Kezia Frayjo, Latino Nutrition Coalition

It was truly a pleasure to deal with you on our logo and website projects, Dyango. Needless to say you exceeded all expectations! The interactive process for both logo and web site designs allowed me options and choices that other graphic designers and web designers did not, and the final product was much more finely tuned with my company’s needs as a result. You did a fantastic job, and I will recommend your services to anyone I know that needs them (except the competition). Thank you!

Jon Mortensen, The Pet Door Store, LLC.

…the Flash work by Dyango was outstanding and will definitely be a highlight for the site. (Referring to my contribution of Flash animation and ActionScript to the Hepatitis Web Study web site)

David Spach, MD. Professor of Medicine – Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Washington

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